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Audio Program "Stopping the Symptom Cycle" for ONLY $69!!

Outstanding Presentations in this Conference Audio Package
  • "Bringing the Heart Back into Healthcare Expanding our Understanding of Root Causes of Complex Illness" -Niki Gratrix, Author, Nutritionist & Mind-Body Expert
  • "The Power of Relationships in Health and Healing"-Niki Gratrix, Author, Nutritionist & Mind-Body Expert
  • “Dealing with Chaos with Compassion”-Carolyn Gross, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • “Ending the Over Medicating of the Planet and Stopping the Symptom Cycle”-James Hawver, Naturopath
  • “Lessons Learned Make Us Even Better Practicioners”-Jim Hubbard, Chiropractor
  • Doctor’s Panel
  • “Longevity in the Modern World”-Jason Prall, Longevity Practitioner
  • “Practicing with a Purpose: With Intention and Power” -John Easterling, Rainforest Educator
  • “National Geographic Report on AONH Rainforest Expedition & Ese’ Eja Indigenous People” -Jon Cox, National Geographic Explorer, Journalist & Photographer
  • “Maximizing Your Immune System Potential” -Reed Sainsbury, Naturopath
  • “PhysiciansHR”-Sunshine Ballew